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Let me take you back to 2002. After 5 years at university, studying Art History and Film Studies, I am about to graduate and wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Having recently got married to my high school sweet heart Niels, the happy memories of the wedding and a mind set on film, I had a light bulb moment: let’s make wedding films! The rest, as they say, is history.

With the help of the dashing husband, my idea quickly grew into one of the UK’s top wedding film companies. But not content with just capturing this island’s hearts, we set our ambitions even higher and soon became internationally acclaimed event film makers. Ever After is the only UK company that has not only won several highly coveted WEVA Creative Excellence Awards in the past few years, but has also given seminars at the annual WEVA Convention. We were also the only UK company to be listed as a finalist to the EventDV Top25 of Hottest and Most Influential Event Filmmakers in the World!

At any moment in our 10 year history, our lovely bride and grooms have always been and always will be at the heart of Ever After. We want to give you the best possible wedding film experience we can imagine. With that in mind, we make sure we stay at the top of our game: we were pioneers in the UK when it came to Same Day Edits and “Short-form” wedding films, we attend many national and international conventions, are constantly learning, gathering ideas and making them our own. We're proud that fellow videographers are now coming to us for training and workshops.

Meet the team

Photos of Sylvia


  • * Studied Art History and has a BA(hons) in Film Studies
  • * Main characteristic: Self confessed Disneyholic
  • * Growing up I wanted to be: Happy
  • * Favourite Movies: Some Like It Hot, Lilo & Stitch and Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh version)
  • * Favourite food: Belgian chocolate
  • * When I’m not at a wedding or editing I like to: sleep, cook, bake or plan our next vacation
  • * You can always cheer me up with: Mickey Mouse shaped food
  • * Favourite Part of a Wedding: The bride getting ready, I love to see all the details, from the dress to the shoes, the rings to the flowers, in pristine condition and how adding every single details just adds to the build up of excitement
  • * My Fantasy Dinner Guests are: Joss Whedon, Ian Somerhalder, Tim Minchin, Richard Dawkins, Marlene Dietrich and Seth MacFarlane
  • * Guilty Pleasure: The Vampire Diaries… mmmm Damon…

Photos of Niels


  • * Has an MA in Musicology and an MPhil in Music Technology
  • * Main characteristic: quite the Uber-geek
  • * Growing up I wanted to be: an Astronaut
  • * Favourite Movies: Weird Science, Never Ending Story, Casablanca, Hackers
  • * Favourite food: Anything Sylvia cooks
  • * When I’m not at a wedding or editing I like to: program, play with electronics and sew
  • * You can always cheer me up with: some electronic device that needs fixing (do expect 'spare parts' after the repair)
  • * Favourite Part of a Wedding: Miking up the groom and seeing his nervous excitement
  • * My Fantasy Dinner Guests are: Cecille B. DeMille, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Alan Turing, Eliza Dushku and Mozart
  • * Guilty Pleasure: A good cheese platter with nice aged bottle of Bordeaux