Worried about backlog getting you down? Want more time to yourself? Love filming weddings but dread the editing?

We can help.



Ever After now offers editing services to other studios.



Whether you are looking for basic documentary edits of ceremonies and speeches or beautifully edited, creative and emotional films adapted to your studio’s style, we can provide. With over 14 years of experience filming and editing weddings, winning several national and international awards, you can rest assured that your footage is in capable and trustworthy hands.

How it works

  • You send us your footage on  a hard drive along with any notes, music and client requests. We'll make sure to adjust our editing style to yours and to suit your clients' needs.

  • We will do all the requested editing, including audio clean up and colour corrections. Editing is done on a PC using Adobe Premiere.

  • Once edited, we will upload a draft and allow up to 2 rounds of changes. 

  • Turn around time is between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the size and scope of the editing required. Projects are completed on a first come first serve basis (just FYI, things get busy before Christmas!).

  • When you are happy with the final draft, we will send you the invoice and will return the hard drive once the payment has been received.

  • Investments start at £200



  • We also offer a Same Day Edit service. If you would like to offer Same Day Edits to your clients but don't want the added stress, we'd be happy to help! We've been doing same day edits since 2005 (yes, way back in the days of tapes and slow computers) and have given seminars and training on how to do these to adrenaline edit junkies. The couple's and guests reactions to same day edits is priceless and these little films are the best advertising you can get. From £300 (plus travel).


Ever After was founded in 2002 by me, Sylvia, after graduating from a BA(hons) in Film History, Theory and Criticism. Working together with my husband Niels, who provided technical support and audio expertise (he has an Mphil in Musicology and Sound Design), we've managed to win several national awards for our work (IOV awards) and we also received some highly coveted WEVA Creative Excellence Awards. We have given numerous seminars and presentations, both in private training and at conventions in the UK (IOV) and the USA (WEVA). We were also the only UK company to be listed as a finalist to the EventDVTop25 of Hottest and Most Influential Event Filmmakers in the World!

During 2012 and 2013 I worked as the director on feature length documentary film about atheism in the USA, which has received screenings throughout the USA and at several film festivals. Afterwards, I decided to focus my attention mainly on going back to academia to gain an MA in American History while weddings took a bit of a back seat. I am continuing my life in academia, this time as a doctoral researcher, but I don't want to give up on weddings. While we still film a few weddings ourselves, my main love is editing and therefor I wish to direct my efforts on offering my editing services to other studios.     

Have a look through our portfolio on Vimeo.

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